Jumat, 14 Oktober 2011

Cooperation Encouraging Expected Bukopin RB-Real Sector

Regional leaders GARUT H. Aceng HM Fikri, S. Ag said the implementation of the signing of the cooperation between PB RB Garut in the capacity of the Regional Banks and PT Bank Bukopin as National Bank, a tangible to build synergistic relationships and constructive, in order to develop common progress. Both companies have the understanding to carry out the management of company resources in an efficient, effective, economical and productive goal-oriented bank.

This was said by the Regent when given a speech at the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the PD and PT BPR Garut Bukopin, Tbk. Monday (10/10) in the Hall building. Present Secretary of the Regional District Garut H. Faith Alirahhman, SH, M. Si, and the head SKPD, Head se Garut and General Manager of Bank Bukopin Sudarmaji Setiawan and the directors of PT Bank Bukopin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Garut Ir.Sutarman PD BPR, BPR Director PD Garut H. Saefulloh kholik their staff.

Regent, The belief that is given to the PD PT Bank Bukopin Garut RB to cooperate in the distribution of funds intended for civil servants (PNS) in the Local Government Main Page is a form of trust is quite encouraging. Pride, not just for RB Garut, but also for the government as owner Garut. This cooperation is important as an initial step to develop sustainable cooperation.

Sustainable development cooperation is based on two important things: first, because PD BPR Garut have the experience, supporting devices, as well as the ability to channel loans, good marketing skills, operational and administrative, which can become a strategic partner in business development of PT. Bukopin, says Regent.

Given the dominance and magnitude of contribution of the banking sector in financing the economy. In the context of regional autonomy policy, future cooperation is expected to be directed to revive and stimulate the regional economy, especially to encourage the real sector in Garut district.

On the other hand with the increased activity of distribution of funds for real sector in the region will indirectly foster credit culture to Bukopin that can provide benefits to society at large.

PD BPR gained the trust of Garut, in cooperation with the disbursement of funds planned Bukopin of 250 billion dollars, is expected to further increase the capacity of PD BPR Garut assets. Regent reminded, both of Bank Bukopin kepercaaan as the provider of capital and increasing public confidence must be answered by the management of PD BPR Garut and other stakeholders, continue to prepare and develop measures that more strategic, especially in anticipation of changing times.

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